Here are a few manifestos I enjoyed over the years writing that helped bring to life brand strategies. 



Are you sitting Comfortably? You shouldn’t be.  

Comfortable is a trap.  

It sees the cliff edge coming, but can’t be bothered to mention it.

Comfortable will cover your ears and whistle loudly while someone tells you 137,000 startups launched today.

It will order a 200 dollar wine while 200 hungry twenty-somethings swallow your company whole.

Why? Because Comfortable likes things how they are.

It won’t fix what ain’t broken.

But guess what? If you’re comfortable, it’s broken already.

So you’d better fix it. Because no one else will.

You need to fire Comfortable. Now.

And get Uncomfortable.

Before the Internet of Everything, changes everything.

Uncomfortable is Living.

Climbing. Being “on fire” not “burnt out”.

That’s when your instincts turn on.

That’s what got you this far.

Comfortable is something other people do. On cruise ships.

Get Uncomfortable.

Cisco. Tomorrow Starts Here.



New York Life

People lose important pieces of paper.

Ignore the fine print.

Forget keys.

And throw letters in the bin unopened.

People put off things that matter.

Smoke when they’re stressed.

And argue about nothing.

People are not perfectly oiled, rational machines.

They’re messy, unpredictable, chaotic and emotional.

But don’t underestimate them.

Because people are incredible.

People give gifts.

Share compliments.

Write love songs.

And save lives.

People are beautiful, they just ask one thing.

And that’s the chance to be treated like people.

New York Life.

Life insurance for people.



Xfinity Mobile

The future isn’t silver suits and houses on Mars.

It’s right now.

Think about it.

We can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air.

We can binge on our favorite shows,

even in our least favorite places.

We can swipe through people standing on the street,

pick one of them and start dating.

We can speak any language.

And talk face to face, DC to Denver.


Because our phones have evolved.

So isn’t it time our networks evolved too?  


A new kind of network.