Challenge: Reduce the Victorian summer holidays road toll.

Insight: People are more likely to listen to their friends and family than a finger-waving authoritarian figure. 

Idea: Combine geospatial intelligence with media planning to allow Victorians to send a personalised road safety message to their loved ones on their drive home. 

Effectiveness: Over 250,000 personalised messages were shared in just over a month.

Radio: Thousands of Victorians used homesafely.com.au to create their personalised messages including thirty second heartfelt voice messages which we played during their loved ones' favourite radio programs. The audio file below showcases our launch ad and a couple of user generated examples. 

Outdoor with Social Connectivity: Digital outdoor sites were chosen at major intersections where dwell time was higher to facilitate effective message delivery. Users connected via twitter and facebook, sharing details of their friend or family member's regular journey home. These details allowed us to deliver each message at a time and place where it would be seen by the intended driver.