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Data in Dollars

Challenge: The U.S. has some of the most expensive cellular data plans in the world.
Xfinity Mobile however, is a new kind of network designed to save people money. 

Idea: To show how overpriced other data plans are, Xfinity Mobile is turning pre-roll ads into useful “price tags” that calculate how much people are spending on data just to watch their upcoming YouTube video.

Innovation: Thanks to a close working working relationship with YouTube's Data and Insights team, we've been able to adjust the cost of cellular data in each film to match the length of the video the person is about to stream. The prices reflect the data costs with the viewer's specific carrier. Targeting has also been a huge part for us – we're only showing the ads to people using 4G LTE data (not WiFi) and only if they have their phone connected with a competitor's network. 


2X Silver Cannes Lions.
1X Bronze Cannes Lion.
2X Cannes Shortlists.

In our first year as a brand.